A Review of Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” (Originally posted July 6, 2014)




The first time I saw Doctor Sleep on the shelves of my local Books-a-million, I was overtaken by such joy at seeing a sequel for the Shining. I always loved the character that is Danny Torrance. Taking that as a sign, my boyfriend purchased the large hardback for me as a Christmas gift. College life kept the novel at bay from me for a while, and it wasn’t until now that I was finally able to put my hands on it.

If you have read the Shining or have seen the Kubrick film, you would know that Jack Torrance (Danny’s father) was an alcoholic. We see in Doctor Sleep that Danny has followed in his footsteps. Alcoholics Anonymous terms and rituals are used heavily in the novel, which I think was used very well. We follow Danny on his road to recovery and to him discovering some things about himself.

I found myself loving our newest “Shining” character, Abra. I thought she was quite spunky, likable, and believable.  Best line: “They ate his shining???! Like Twilight??!” As for the baddies in this King novel, Rose O’Hara was a great character. She was a perfect combination of cruel, seductive, and ruthless.

O’Hara leads the “shining devouring” group known as the True Knot. The True Knot are those old people tourists you always see on the road that drive in campers and wear Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs. You would never expect it, but they prey on children with the shining, it keeps them young. I found the other members of the Knot to be very interesting as well. I mean with names like “Apron Annie,” “Token Charlie,” “Crow Daddy,” and “Snake-Bite Andi,” would you expect less?

My only problem with the novel was I found it more on the suspense than the scare factor. Scary is what I look for when it comes to King and while I found O’Hara to be a great villain, she kept me on the edge of my seat more than under my blanket. Despite that the novel was very well written and the plot was great. If you loved the Shining or you love King definitely give it a look. 

I rated this book on Goodreads 4 out of 5 stars.

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