I Hate Acne (Originally Posted January 2, 2014)

I hate acne. I’ve suffered with the ailment since I was 10. My dad tried buying me numerous over the counter products up till my senior year of high school, but to no avail.  The day before my first year of college, my older cousin took me on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe and we also got me some Neutrogena products for my skin. That was when I was 18 and it really cleared my skin. I felt beautiful.

Fast forward to me now, I’m 23. After being convinced to switch to Proactiv and discovering I didn’t like it much, my Nanny (aunt) started selling Mary Kay products and suggested I try them. It worked for a while, but then right before my undergraduate graduation I got this painful, scaly irritation. It went away after I stopped using the product.

I’m on Neutrogena again. It worked for a bit, but now I have a stubborn breakout that won’t go away and some dark marks to boot. I’m already in hot pursuit of a way to remedy these issues, but this twenty something acne is for the birds and I only feel beautiful with make up these days.

My boyfriend says that I’m beautiful without make up, but it’s hard to believe him. When we met in 2012, I had nice skin.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Acne (Originally Posted January 2, 2014)

  1. Everyone hates acne. Who doesn’t! I bet there were times where you looked in the mirror and couldn’t stand looking at yourself. Or even going outside without putting on heavy amounts of makeup (yeah…I’m a dude. And I wore makeup…embarassing right?) Its very discomforting when other people shy away from you because of the way you look…goes to say something about our society. In all honesty the biggest difference that changed my skin was the way that I was eating. Obviously changing your eating habbits is hard but you don’t have to jump the gun and change everything right away. I created a blog to teach people and show them how to cook with real whole foods that not only taste great but are phenominal on your skin. If you feel like picking up a new skill or upping your culinary arsenal feel free to check out my blog! Don’t even both with makeup anymore because you can get a natural glow straight from the foods you consume. Check it out I’d love to have you on board! http://theacneclearchef.wordpress.com/


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