Book Review: Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher


Hello Blogger Friends! There is no YouTube review up for this book yet, but there will be soon! You see, I am currently battling a rather nasty cold. How nasty, you ask? It got so bad that last Sunday I couldn’t hold anything down and my wonderful fiance had to wrap me up in blankets and take me to the emergency room. I still have the coughs and sneezes now, but I have meds and I am on the mend!

As soon as I am able to speak without hacking, I will be posting the Part 2 video of my Christmas Book Haul and a video review for this book. However, since I also post book reviews on my Goodreads account, I figured I could post that review up here. So all my WordPress friends could get a “sneak peek” before the video. Here we go!

Even though this is probably not going to be one of my favorites by King, I still have to admit that I consider it to have been a milestone to read. This is not only because of its rather large length, but also because I read half of it while (and still) battling a nasty cold. The cold made the duration of this novel stretch out into an entire month, right down to the very day.

I don’t think Dreamcatcher is one of Stephen King’s best, however I still found myself enjoying it in various sections. I loved the beginning, the middle ran rather slow, and the ending picked me up again. I also found myself enjoying the parts centering around the friendship of Beaver, Henry, Pete, Jonesy, and Duddits, a lot more than learning about the various military persons involved in the story. Perhaps King made the villains a little too unlikable, to the point where I couldn’t stomach the paragraphs involving them.

Even though the centering friendship of the story was my favorite bits, their overall purpose of the story did confuse me. Yes, they saved the world. But I still don’t really get how some of the mechanics of the “Duddits Dreamcatcher” worked. Dreamcatcher definitely made me feel a bit stupid, as some of the telepathy elements seemed forced into the plot a bit.

Overall, the story of five average guys befriending a telepathically gifted boy with Down’s Syndrome and later using his gifts to save the world from aliens, does seem a bit far fetched. But I think this novel is worth the read just to see how Stephen King crafted these beautiful relationships between his main characters. But this book is not for the faint of heart. The blood does poor and the body count is high.

I gave this novel 3/5 stars on Goodreads.