I made a Patreon account!

Hello everyone! I made a Patreon account to try to help out with my Youtube channel. Hopefully, one day I can afford a better camera and maybe later, some software! Right now I’m only allowing $1 and $5 donations a month, since I’m not known yet.

$1 a month gets a video shout out and #5 dollars a month gets a book or movie review of their choice. This is, of course, optional. But here is the link if you are interested.


The Cupid Book-Lovers Tag



Earlier today I received an email about the “Cupid’s Book-Lover” tag that is going around here on WordPress. I thought it would be fun to do, especially since lately all I’ve been posting on here is book reviews and videos. That’s not all that I intended this blog to be and I’m sorry about that. I will admit that I’ve been having a lot going on in my life as of late and it is looking like that might continue for a while.

However, I think I should take some of this chaos and use it to find new topics to bring to my lovely readers and video viewers. Until then, here is the tag.

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The Rules:
1. Tag the creator (AbbieLu @ Cafe Book Bean)
2. Have fun answering the questions.
3. Tag 5-10 people to join in the fun.
4. Thank & link those who tag you.
5. Don’t worry about the rules!
You don’t need to be tagged to participate.

Love is in the air!

1) Favorite Love-Story book?: The Romantics by Pankaj Mishra It is not a happy love story but it is beautifully bittersweet and realistic.
2) Share your best Valentines day memory?: This is not with my current partner. But one my exes showed up on Valentines Day in a suit and tie and made my grandmother and I dinner complete with wine.
3) Favorite fictional hero/heroine? Fictional Hero: Hmmm….this is a hard one. One must really draw upon their own definition of hero. I’ll have to give this more of a think. As for heroine I’d say Kaye from Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tales series.
4) What story has the best most memorable romantic moment; kiss, proposal, etc.?: I have never forgotten Kaye and Roiben’s kiss from Holly Black’s Tithe.
5) What is your all time favorite Romantic movie?: Before Sunset [It’s the second in a trilogy starring my favorite actor Ethan Hawke. It is a masterpiece.]
6) You can go anywhere for a romantic getaway (fiction or non-fiction,) where do you go?: London
7) Who do you want to be your valentine?: I have a valentine. My fiance.
8) Chocolate or flowers?: Chocolate
9) Novels: Romance or Adventure?: Both
10) What fictional villain, do you secretly love?: Humbert Humbert from Lolita. When Jeremy Irons took on this role I fell in love and I am aware this may cause some controversy.

Let the Tagging begin: Anyone who wants to do this, feel free!

Disney Day! (Originally Posted May 28, 2013)



The last I left off I said I would discuss our first date.  Well, before I get to that I should discuss a couple of events that convinced me to see him again in the first place.  I remember the exact day, it was July 4th 2012.

I had just gotten back from an all day 4th of July party at my cousin’s, I got a call from an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.  He had been through some really rough times with a female.  The result of this left him bitter at women, God, and life.  The conversation left a bitter taste in my mouth and I was appalled at his behavior.  Needless to say, my after call thought process went like this: Hmmm, I have this really nice guy that has been going to great lengths to get my attention.  I should give him a chance.

You can probably guess who I called next.  I’m lucky he didn’t tell me to take a hike, honestly.  I can never imagine what this man saw in me when he barely knew me.  But I am very glad he did.  So we made plans for him to come hang out with me at my apartment that Sunday.  I made the excuse that I had an incense burner that I did not want that he could have.  I’m so clever.  Ha!

Anyway, so that day I did the standard girl thing.  I put on a bit of makeup and a little black dress.  As expected, my doggy barked at him as soon as he walked in.  I presented him with the incense burner and then we decided to watch a movie.

My guest decided that he would rather go retro and watch a VHS.  So he hooked up my VCR and we settled down to watch, the Nightmare Before Christmas (his favorite film).  That was the most fun I had ever had watching that film!   He sang all the songs and I couldn’t help but go all swoon-y because he has a really nice voice.  We took a walk around the apartment building and talked a bit, and then we did the same process for A Goofy Movie.  After he left, I felt like Max when he was around Roxanne.  Just hoping that this guy still wanted to see me!  A week later he asked me out on our first actual date.


I think instead of going into that.  I’m going to stop here.  But ladies, I want to offer some advice.  Never ever judge a book by its cover!  I had this guy pegged as a metal head slacker that I totally put off into the friend zone.  Oh yeah, FYI, he doesn’t work for Ronald McDonald anymore.  We are nearing our 6 month anniversary date now.  I’ll let you guys in on a little secret; I have never made it to a year with anyone.  The longest relationship I’ve held was nine months, I always get dumped!  I always thought that the guy that makes it to a year is going to be the one.  I just know it’s going to be this guy.

Totally going all out for our half-aversary too, I’m going to get all pretty and make him a special dinner.  His present came in the mail today too!