Book Reviews: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Book 1 of 5)


I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of heat for this, but here I go. My fiance stumbled upon the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy one day while we were cruising Books-a-Million and decided to get it. He is a big fan of the film. I was also intrigued by it because book one is on my 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list. This version of the book (the Ultimate) is all 5 of Douglas Adams’s novels in one, so it saves time and money. So, I resolved to read the large book when he was done. However, not long after he bought it, Amazon was selling it for a mere $3.99. I took the bait.

I will not be giving a Goodreads star rating this time here on WordPress. I would prefer to review each novel individually and then give a star rating of the novel on its own, Since, I have the Ultimate as the book listed on Goodreads, it would take a long time to actually read the whole book and write a REALLY long review. By reading and reviewing each novel individually, it will be less confusing.

This book just did not do it for me. I’ll pause while I wait for people to stop throwing things at me. My fiance loves it, and I can honestly see why. The random type of humor that this book follows would be right up his alley. However, I am an avid lover of science fiction and I really feel that the science fiction aspect of this novel takes a back seat to the humor. I also feel that the plot really takes a back seat to the humor as well.

I will be finishing all 5 books because I have to finish what I started. But I will not be reading the sixth book by a different author. Unless, by the end of it, I really start enjoying the series. I will say this though. I feel like I have a connection with Marvin the Paranoid Android. I would give the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 2/5 stars.

A little 90s pop culture tidbit for you, Radiohead loved this series so much that they named a song “Paranoid Android,” The music video scarred me for life as a kid, but I love the song. The cartoon is of Swedish creation and is called Robin. I have all of the shorts on my iPod.

Book Review: They Don’t Wanna Wait (the stars of Dawson’s Creek)


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you would know that I LOVE Dawson’s Creek (second only to Daria). I was born in 1990, but I really should have been a teenager in the 90s if you judged by my interests. One weekend while I was visiting my parents, I had Dawson’s Creek on the brain and was cruising on Amazon. This was on my wishlist for a while and I noticed they discontinued the Kindle version, but the paperback edition was quite cheap. I also snagged a trilogy series that puts the Dawson’s Creek characters in a horror story, and I can’t wait to read them!

This book was written around the time that the third season was about to air. It contains bios of the main characters (hello, Joshua Jackson!), the creation of the show and its influence to pop culture, and has a lot of interesting information on creator, Kevin Williamson. I skipped the last couple of parts because it was basically a recap of the first two seasons and I’m in the middle of rewatching the series.

It was great to find out that Joshua Jackson is a Nirvana fan. (Me too!) But Mr. Williamson’s story was the most entertaining part for me. I never would have guessed that the teacher from Teaching Mrs. Tingle was actually based on a real life teacher of Williamson’s that constantly belittled his abilities. Teaching Mrs. Tingle is actually one of my favorite films, despite it being a box office bomb.

Now days Kevin Williamson is known for working on the Vampire Diaries, but before that and Dawson, he was the creator of the Scream movies. I also learned that he also wrote the script for the Halloween H20. It was really cool finding out all this information about one of my most beloved writers. Minus the Vampire Diaries, ugh.

I couldn’t give this book a star rating because it is not listed on Goodreads. But if you are a fan of Dawson’s Creek or Kevin Williamson, I highly recommend it. It’s really cool owning this little piece of the 90s.

“I Killed the Teen Dream:” My Fascination with Temptresses


Yay! A pop culture post! The fiance and I are trying to solve some of our issues by spending more time together (this feat may soon become impossible if he picks up a second job). But we had a lot of fun earlier today screening a lesser known 1999 cult film, Jawbreaker. Jawbreaker was actually one of my favorite movies as a kid. It’s true that I was 9 when it came out, but I wasn’t really sheltered from films too much. It really depended on the situation. But yes, Jawbreaker is rated R.

The movie is about your standard high school popular girls clique (“the Flawless Four”) and what happens when one them is killed by the others through a failed birthday prank attempt. It bombed in the box office, but I ate it up once it was released at Blockbuster.

This could be a bad thing, but ever since I was a kid in the 90s I idolized the grungy girls and the seductive bitches from 90s teen films. I wanted to be a mix of the two. But I’m so awkward that I really am only the grunge part.



I idolized Janet from Singles and Rachel from Disturbing Behavior (my first rated R movie in a theatre).


But even though I hated her, I secretly wanted to be as sexy as Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel Intentions.


But when it comes right down to it, I’m not even a Janet or a Rachel. I’m more like Andrea Marr from Girl (which is really okay because Dominique Swain is sooooo beautiful!). And she was also Lolita, another female temptress!


Is it bad that I have a fascination with this type? That I want to be more like them? Of course, I would never cheat on my fiance or use sex as a way to ruin anybody. I admired these characters because they had so much confidence and admired their bodies. I’m a long way from the second, but I feel a sense of growing confidence upon clearing my skin.

As an undergrad, I was actually deemed a “hot girl” and actually got quite a few dates. Since then, I’ve gained some weight, but I’m working on that. Though I never was too skinny because I must admit I love my curves.

But maybe I can get my college flair back and work on spicing things up with my fiance by being more flirty. My friends used to refer to me as “the grunge goddess” and though it was embarrassing, I really miss the title. Maybe I can be that girl again. I had wanted so bad to be her since elementary school.

And yes, he did enjoy Jawbreaker.

My First Official Post on WordPress: A Message to Followers


I just started this blog today and I noticed I’ve already gotten a ton of feedback. All of the posts that you guys have been liking and commenting on have all actually been previously posted on my Tumblr blog of the same name as this one. I moved all of the blog posts I felt were important because I just wasn’t getting any feedback on Tumblr. I was actually assigned to create a WordPress blog for a college course and the immediate feedback on that blog was so overwhelming that I thought it would be better to move to WordPress for my own personal blog.

A lot of Tumblr users seem to only want to post pictures, but I am a writer.

The goals I have with this blog is to chronicle my life living with a disability while in graduate school and relive the 90s and early 2000’s through pop culture. I also review books as I am a literature nerd and record my 2 years and counting relationship. Thanks for joining me on this ride.