Change of Plans and One Review I Forgot

Today, after I got out of the shower and got ready for a shift at Sylvan, I got a call from the boss saying I couldn’t work there. I needed a teaching certificate. You can imagine the anguish I felt. So, I decided that’s it. I’m going to take the test that will allow me to work at the public library. You see, I’d been putting it off because it seemed like more trouble than what it was worth. However, when I went to the website to read on what I needed to know about the test, I discovered that I had been looking at the wrong library position. I want to be a library tech and I was looking at the library page position. The test that the library tech has to take covers reading comprehension, communication skills, and problem solving. That will be a walk in the park for me!

So, I’ll be taking the exam in September. I’m actually much more excited about this because I’ve always wanted to work in a library. The pay, hours, and benefits will be much better too.

With that being said, there was one thing I forgot to include in my reviews yesterday.


The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil

Wow! I love this stuff! I got the idea to buy this from Asian beauty trends. They do a method called “double cleansing.” Basically, they cleanse their face with a cleansing oil like this one before they wash with a face wash. This cleansing oil does a great job of removing make up, especially the stubborn eye make up. It also makes my face much brighter, which is something I need. I plan to put this in my regular routine once I get rid of my Noxema Cleansing Cream. The smell is amazing too! I’m debating on whether or not to buy a face wash from the Face Shop. Since, I have so much stuff already. Maybe if I’m not satisfied with the Body Shop. Try Amazon to order, much cheaper.

New Job and Some Reviews

Hi Blog Friends! I know I’ve been M.I.A. lately and haven’t been blogging much. I’ve been doing my freelance writing and have finally gotten a little break from that. Yesterday, I sat in on a session in Sylvan and tomorrow I sign my paperwork and start my first day. I’m really excited about finally being able to work and I think it’s something I could enjoy. I know I won’t be making much because Sylvan only calls you when they need you, but they are short on tutors now. Not to mention, I’ll have my freelance writing to pick up the slack. This way I can earn some extra cash to help Michael and I and I won’t lose my services for my disabilities.

Since I had to go in yesterday for a test run, I got all fancy and got to use one of the other beauty products I got from Target and I’ll finally tell you guys about the cleansing milk I got from Etsy. I’ve also been using a couple of new moisturizers. So, today we will be discussing E.L.F.’s Expert Liquid Eyeliner, the Cleansing Milk from GoodEarthEssentials on Etsy, White Tea Extract Face Cream from LeeAnnsHeavenScents on Etsy, and the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream.


E.L.F’s Expert Liquid Eyeliner

I really love E.L.F.’s products. Most of them are really good and their prices are very affordable. I bought this liquid liner because I don’t have the best luck with pencils. Another one of my friends that has motor skill issues tipped me off about it. I tried it and loved it! It was much easier to apply and it was much more dramatic, really making my eyes pop. I just put a little translucent powder over it and it held up longer. Definitely a keeper.


GoodEarthEssential’s White Rose Ultra Gentle Cleansing Milk

I bought this cleanser when I realized how sensitive my skin gets with redness. I’m still using it up with the Vitamin E line from the Body Shop that my fiance bought me for our anniversary. The Vitamin E line is superior to this cleanser. When I used this cleanser on its own, it would calm my face for a little while, but by the end of the day, my face was red again. But maybe it just doesn’t agree with my skin. It does feel great on skin (especially if you leave it in your fridge) and the scent is light and wonderful. If you think it might help you, look it up on Etsy and read on it.


LeeAnnsHeavenScent’s White Tea Extract Moisturizer

 This was a much better moisturizer than the one I had been previously using (African Black Soap Brand). It calms my skin well, hydration is great, and the smell is great. I don’t know if this will be my go to night cream yet though. I have some more to try out from the Body Shop. It is in the running though.


the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream 

When I read the reviews for this moisturizer, some people didn’t like it because of what it actually does. It’s “illuminating” and what it means by that is that it gives a neon shine to your face. I think it is kind of cool, so I use it as a “going out” moisturizer. If you put make up over it, you won’t see the shine, but it does make my foundation more smooth. I’m going to try putting a little over my foundation for a dewy finish. My fiance loves it on me too and it’s great for giving a glow when you’re going out but don’t want to wear foundation. I think it’s a keeper.

A Very Special Product Review Post: Happy Three Years!

Hello everyone! Today marks the third year anniversary of the day my fiance and I started dating. We celebrated yesterday by going to the huge mall in our city, unfortunately, the trip was cut short by a very annoying stomach bug that decided to infect me. Ironically, it hit me right after Michael (fiance) bought me my anniversary present. But more about the present later.

Naturally, I got all dolled up for the occasion and I got to try on a lot of my new goodies, so I’m just going to put them in one razor review! Here we go!


E.L.F. Retractable Kabuki Brush

E.L.F. has a great line of products and their prices are very affordable. I recently purchased a new kabuki brush, but I saw this one at Target and since it was “retractable,” I wanted to give it a try. This E.L.F. brush blows my Walmart bought one right out of the water!

I was able to put on my translucent powder, foundation powder, and blush all just using this one brush! It blended wonderfully and made me look great! I also loved the retractable feature because it will stay cleaner and it is also vegan! Win, win!


AddictiveCosmetics Finishing Translucent Powder in Pearl

This stuff is wonderful and now is one of my favorite make-up supplies. I put it on before applying foundation for hold and then after the foundation because the pearl gives it a nice glow finish. I even sprinkled some over my lipstick and it HELD! Of course, I chose AddictiveCosmetics on Etsy because of her stance on making her items vegan. I can’t wait to try it on eyeliner to see if it holds. I just wasn’t up to wearing any yesterday.


E.L.F. Lengthening and Defining Mascara

Truth be told, I don’t really need a lengthening and defining mascara because I have long lashes, but this E.L.F. brand is extremely easy for me to use with my motor skill problems due to cerebral palsy. I always have trouble using mascara and eyeliner, but this was great and made me look good!


AddictiveCosmetics FIXIT Eye Shadow Primer

Just spray this on your eyelids and wait thirty seconds. I used this wrong by putting it on over the eye shadow, but guess what…it still worked! Best eye shadow primer I’ve ever used. My eye shadow stayed on great. I’ll use it right next time!


Nyx Dewy Finish Make-Up Setting Spray

I bought this setting spray because I was sold on the promise of dew. It is more expensive than the E.L.F. one I have, but I do think it does make my make-up look a bit more glow like. I’ll do more experiments on both and update on which one I prefer.

Wow! How lucky was I that I loved all of this stuff? Now, I’m sure you guys are all wondering what my anniversary present was. You guys will all see how far my obsession goes. Michael bought me a whole line of skin care products from the Body Shop. I know, I know. I already have so much! But I talked to a clerk and explained my skin issues and she gave a recommendation. That review will be coming soon.

I may very well have rosacea because the dryness from it causes skin to itch. We’ll see how it goes. I felt so bad that he dropped $36 dollars for the kit and then had to take care of me all night!

Oh! I’m also employed now as a freelance writer! I start tomorrow. Guess what my first assignment is. SKINCARE. Hahahaaha!

Product Reviews: Village Naturals Milk Bath with Lavender, Chamomile, and Shea Butter


As you guys know from my last post, I spent the weekend with my dad. He was gracious enough to give me an $100 gift card for Target. That give me a lot of leeway to buy some brands I wouldn’t normally buy. So, expect a lot of new reviews coming. Even though I do feel guilty about accepting a card he won at a Christmas party.

This milk bath was something I picked up because I was all out of body wash. I have been using a couple of bar soaps in the meantime, but I prefer body washes. I also found out over the weekend that what I thought was rosacea is actually eczema. Yeah, rosacea doesn’t itch and I’m itchy. So, I’ll be changing my face wash yet again. I already ordered the stuff and will be reviewing it soon.

The new stuff for my face is actually a milk cleanser for sensitive skin, so I thought maybe this stuff will have some of the same benefits. This cleanser is a milk bath with lavender, chamomile, and shea butter. I was going to use my bars soaps up first, but I couldn’t resist taking a “milk bath,” so I tried it out today.

Wow! This stuff smells wonderful! I love going down the laundry aisle in stores because of the smell. This wash smells just like the laundry aisle. It’s very silky and made me feel fresh. So far, I haven’t asked my fiance to scratch my back!

Product Review: AddictiveCosmetics’s Vegan Mineral Foundation Powder (Beige 2 Glow)

No picture to go with my commentary today. That’s because when I put this shade on it was white. I found it strange that the lightest shade out of the three turned out to be the best match. I had to put on the Ivory 4 over this one, so I could look like I was living again! I really hope she didn’t get the samples mixed up or something.

I went back to her Etsy page to compare and make sure. Since the Ivory 4 is further down the ivory shade, it does look like the color of sand. Sand is a good match for me. That’s what my old foundation was called. Beige 1 is the lightest of the beiges and actually looks very pale compared to the Ivory 4. Beige 2 looks darker in the picture, yet came out white on me…strange. But the picture does look a little too dark for me.

I ended up ordering the Ivory 4 in glow. I hope it matches.

I spent time with my dad overnight and he made some killer deer roast. Today, the two of us are meeting my fiance at Bass Pro Shop and we’ll all hang out for a while. After that, the fiance and I will go out, just the two of us. Unfortunately, I didn’t pack much for a date, so I’m just wearing jeans and a Nirvana shirt. But I’m excited!

Product Review: AddictiveCosmetics’s Vegan Mineral Foundation Powder (Beige 1 Matte)


Not the best picture of me because we couldn’t get any good light and I was NOT in a good mood at the time. But I feel fine now! As for this shade, it had me looking a little too pale. Which is funny because I thought it was going to be darker than the ivory. But it is on the lighter side of the beiges…

I also noticed this stuff makes lines and comes off easily when you cry. I already have the solution to that on the way! I ordered some of AddictiveCosmetic’s translucent powder along with my eye shadow primer, I can’t wait to see how it holds!

So far, I think the Ivory 4 is winning. Only one more left to try.

Product Review: AddictiveCosmetics’s Vegan Mineral Foundation Powder (Ivory 4 Matte)


Look at me in my Fight Club shirt! My shirt is slightly messy and I have a big smile on my face because I had just tried on my first out of three samples of mineral foundation powder. As I mentioned before, I’m just not loving my normal brand of foundation anymore. It just wasn’t giving me the coverage that I want and the liquid foundation always felt heavy and was even worse when I was in the sun. Not to mention, I’m trying to go vegan with all of my skincare products.

I see why this place is called AddictiveCosmetics because it is going to be my new addiction. I did have a bit of trouble with the powder because I didn’t have the proper type of brush to handle this kind of foundation. But next time this shouldn’t be an issue because I had the fiance run me to Walmart to buy me a kabuki brush and some Simple Mineral Water Cleanser (but that’s for another post). So, next time I won’t have a mess on my shirt and heavy handed coverage.

As you can see, even though it’s caked on thicker because of my inferior brush, it still looks razor (once again for those just joining us that’s my slang for cool, beautiful, etc.). It was a bit difficult to get the foundation on to the brush because the samples are small, but this won’t be a problem when I buy the full container.

I ordered the three sample package in order to find the right shade. I have Ivory 4 in Matte, Beige 1 in Matte, and Beige 2 in Glow. This one is the Ivory 4 in Matte, I will be using the next two and will be posting pictures and maybe a little commentary. After that, I’ll be buying a full container of the best shade in glow most likely. I think I might like it more than matte.

The great thing about this foundation is that I don’t even feel like I am wearing it and thus I didn’t feel like I was baking when we went out! AddictiveCosmetics claims that the foundation will stay on all day. I just checked a mirror and it still looks flawless from when I put it on this morning. Dare I say it…yes…this is the best foundation I have ever tried!

To try out the three sample pack go here:Mineral Foundation Sample Pack

It’s $4.99 plus shipping and a full container is $9.99 plus shipping.

Product Reviews: Heritage Store Rosewater (as a toner)


This stuff! You guys know I’ve been going on and on about rosewater as toners and that I really wanted one. I even bought one and reviewed it (Naturally Rosy Review). However, I thought the Naturally Rosy brand’s bottle was just too small for $10. So, I did a little investigating on Amazon and found the 8 oz. Heritage Store brand for a little over eight dollars!

Now, this brand doesn’t have all the fancy trimmings like green tea and honey. The pink bottle contains Vor-mag Water (water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that we believe to be more beneficial). and Rosa Damascena (Hydroessential Rose) Flower Oil. (taken from the Heritage Store website). It may not be the real thing exactly, but it IS still organic! And I found it is SO MUCH BETTER!

When I use this stuff my face looks beautiful, gorgeous! Not to mention, it smells awesome and feels great on my skin! I cannot praise this stuff enough!

Reviewers on Amazon have said that it can be used for other purposes as well. I will also be testing it out as a curly hair refresher and a make up setter as well. So, look out for those reviews!

If you’re interested in rose water as a part of your beauty routine, I highly recommend this product. Go to Amazon and do some reading on it. It’s my favorite thing in my routine so far! The bottle I purchased doesn’t have a spray cap, so I just put some in a little spray bottle if I want to use it for my hair and make up.

Job Interview #2 and the e.l.f. Mist and Set Spray Review


Today, I had another job interview and it went really well. I was told upon leaving that I was wanted for a second interview. The hiring manager said that if I didn’t hear from them in the late afternoon, then I would hear from them by morning. Well, no call today. Better keep my ringer on tonight!

Of course, I had to make myself all pretty and apply make up. I really hate the foundation I use now, which is funny because I use to love it. But ever since I noticed the redness in one side of my face, it just doesn’t cover well. I also miss powder foundations. I switched from Bare Minerals to e.l.f.’s flawless liquid foundation (what I’m currently using) because I heard from a make up artist friend of mine that it (Bare Minerals) wasn’t good for your skin.

But the powders made my face look so good! I had tried other powder foundations after that, but the coverage was always horrible. Luckily, I ordered some powder foundation samples from a vegan cosmetics maker on Etsy. I can’t wait to review them!

Until then, I have to use up my e.l.f flawless liquid foundation and I also had the chance to properly use my new e.l.f. Mist and Set Spray. This time I sprayed it with the proper distance from my face and it kept my make up fairly fresh. The biggest problem is with my eye make up. It never wants to stay on my face! I ordered a vegan eye shadow primer from the same Etsy store as the foundation, so hopefully that will make my eye shadow stay. But I’ll still have the eye liner to deal with. It didn’t hold up well today. Anyone have any tips?

As for the Mist and Set, it does a good enough job. My only concern with it is that it’s a small bottle. However, the price is right at $3. However, I did mention in another post that I bought another bottle of rose water that can serve multiple purposes. When I run out of Mist and Set, I am going to try it out as a make up setter. It’s already going to get a rave review on being a toner alone! That stuff is razor!

Aside from all that, after the interview the fiance and I went out to eat. We were all giggly in the parking lot and flirty with each other. It felt so great. Which was good because the food was lousy. I felt so bad because I suggested the restaurant! But all was well because we came home and watched Daria and flirted with each other until he had to go to work.

I think that’s what we need to do. Try as hard as we can to make time for each other alone. We go out friends a lot and it can be difficult. We need the time to talk seriously, flirt, and just be goofy. I think I’ll ask him if he wants to watch the Last Unicorn tonight.

Product Review: Papaya Toner


As you guys know, I absolutely love the Etsy shop, FacenEarth. So far, the silver colloidal face wash is the only wash that keeps my acne and rosacea at bay. I didn’t really care for its matching toner though so, I bought a rosewater toner from another Etsy shop. I loved the toner, but I just didn’t love paying $10 for such a small bottle. I decided to cruise FacenEarth’s Etsy site for a toner and purchased the papaya toner for its brightening properties. I thought it could give my bio oil some help. Besides, my skin is in major need of a glow boost.

The owner of the shop was nice enough to send me a small bottle of the matching cleanser to go with the toner. Well, papaya apparently does nothing for my skin. I’m having a break out right now (that time again) and switching to use the little sample is not helping, but I’m going to use them up because I paid for them and I don’t like to waste. I know for sure now that I have to stick with the silver cleanser, the little papaya cleanser does not keep my rosacea away. I have that annoying little red rash on my cheek. I can’t wait to use all of the little bottle up.

The cleanser actually smells pretty good, but for some reason I’m not digging the smell of the toner. Not to mention, the main reason I bought it (size issues) seemed to be a waste because the bottle isn’t much bigger from the rosewater toner.

I ended up purchasing another rosewater toner off of Amazon. I just really want to use a rosewater toner after seeing what it did for my skin and this one had rave reviews. This one is very reasonably priced at $8 for 8 ounces! Not to mention, it has multiple uses. I’m also going to test it out as a make up setter and a spray for my curly hair. I think I’ll write multiple reviews for each purpose.

I won’t be testing that toner until I use up the papaya toner. If I don’t like the new rosewater toner, I’ll just go back to the old Etsy one. Since it apparently has multiple uses (Amazon rosewater toner), if it doesn’t work for my skin I could possibly use it for something else.

But just because the papaya toner didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. If you think your skin might benefit from it, give it a try! FacenEarth has amazing products!