A Thrift Store Adventure With Some Reviews Thrown In


Yesterday, the fiance and I decided to go on a one-on-one date. This is something we hadn’t done in a good while. We’ve recently been invited on many double and triple dates with our friends, but sometimes it’s just nice to go out just the two of us. However, this date turned out to be a real drag.

I spent a lot of time in the bathroom trying to make myself look razor (it’s my slang for cool, but I could substitute it for beautiful too). I chose a little black and grey striped dress that stops just past my knees. It’s a little flirty without being revealing. My floral Doc Martens really paired well with the dress

I did something a little different with my eye make-up. I applied the usual mascara with black eyeliner, only this eyeliner had a little glitter in it. I don’t wear it often, but I busted out my silver eye shadow pen from e.l.f. I have to say the results looked pretty razor.

Just as I was about to try out my new bottle of e.l.f.’s mist and set spray, he poked his head into the bathroom and said my eyes looked sexy. I smiled somewhat, usually I would be thrilled with the compliment, but lately the passion in our relationship has fizzled out a bit. I was hoping that this may lead to some cuddles later.

The e.l.f. mist and set spray set is supposed to lock and seal in your make up for the day, but of course I messed it up on my first attempt. I sprayed it way too close to my face and ended up messing up my eyes. Needless to say, I had to redo it. I’ll write a more in depth review on it when I get it right.

I don’t know for sure, but I think most guys may hate it when we wear lipstick. I know my fiance hates it when I make his lips sticky when we kiss. As I was looking in the mirror, I realized I didn’t want to put any color on my lips. My natural lip color would go well with what I did with my make up. Of course, I would need to keep my lips moisturized and nice and glossy.

Recently, I purchased a vegan lip balm from an Etsy shop. I bought it in the flavor “Rose Candy” and I love it! It smells wonderful, feels great, and makes my natural lip shade glossy. Here’s a link to it:Rose Candy Lip Balm. I really want to try the Whiskey Sugar and Whiskey Honey ones next. I think my fiance would really like those.

Once I was all set, we went to our nearest Goodwill store. I love thrift store shopping! You would be amazed at what you could find there. There wasn’t much on clothes there. I only managed to find one skirt. It’s black with lots of white circles stitched in. I liked it. It was very different.

The real deals I found were in the CDs and DVDs. I managed to find:



I have been itching to get the Reality Bites soundtrack. I love the grunge and alternative era of the nineties, Ethan Hawke, and Winona Ryder. I owe tons of Ethan Hawke films and his novels. He’s my biggest actor crush next to Joshua Jackson (Pacey of Dawson’s Creek). Ethan even sings on the soundtrack!


I now owe the movie. I loved it. I want to read the book, but haven’t gotten it yet.


My fiance’s never seen it. So, I’ll introduce it to him once we finish Daria. Can you believe he had never seen Daria? That was a staple of my childhood.

But alas, most of our date consisted of us being separated to look for own items. I was under the impression we were going to do more, but he didn’t want to go to dinner. If I knew we were only going to spend a couple of hours at a thrift store, I probably wouldn’t have gotten all made up because of the hot sun.

Lately, there seems to be no romance and he seems so disinterested in me. I hate to say it but I even hiked up my dress while we were watching Empire Records. Just to get a little attention. Yeah, I felt like Cory.

Christmas Excitement

Hello Readers!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post about myself and love life. The semester finished up and my 4.0 GPA is still in tact! The semester was really rough and the next semester is supposed to be a bit smoother, so I might have time to write more blog posts. Let’s hope!

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas! I’m so excited about Christmas! Tonight, the love of my life is coming in to come to my family’s Christmas Eve party. Tomorrow, my dad and his girlfriend come in!

Last weekend, my dad came over and I went Christmas shopping with him. He asked me to help him pick out some jewelry for his lady and can you believe he didn’t even know her favorite color! Men! So, I shook my finger at him and said “Tsk, tsk.” But I think I helped him pick out some nice things.

He also told me that he never got me anything yet as well. This is unusual since my daddy is nearly always on the nose about gifts for me. I may look like my mom, but I have my dad’s personality and likes. Last year, my dad got band shirts! Alice Cooper and the Black Crowes! Along with some nice jewelry as well.

But there is one difference about us. I LOVE to read. Daddy doesn’t read. So, when he asked me what I wanted, he bought my new Kindle Paperwhite right in front of me! I can’t have in until tomorrow though.

Before the party, my love said he wanted to do some last minute shopping, so we’re making it a date in the morning. I’m so excited!

In other news, I made a small breakthrough with my acne experiments. I found this inexpensive acne treatment called Acnomel Adult Acne Medication. It works wonders and clears up my cystic acne fast! The only downside is that the only kind of it that is available is tinted and looks like cover up. Lucky for me, it matches my skin tone pretty closely, but it looks funny when it dries. But since it helps so much, that doesn’t matter to me.

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I Have A Serious Reading Problem (Originally Posted July 22, 2014)

So, I’m a bad blogger. Haha. I know I am really bad about keeping this up. It really doesn’t matter because not a lot of people read this blog anyway. But that’s not why I do it. I do it because I love to write. Whether it’s just what’s going on in my life, a short story, or just my thoughts on a topic, I love to share it with the people who care.

I haven’t been keeping this up too well because my internship required a lot of my attention. But now it is winding down and I have a bit more time on my hands. I’m sure those of you who follow me have noticed that I am primarily posting book reviews.

I’ve always loved the written word. I started reading at a very early age and wanted to be a writer since 8th grade. Graduate school has really opened up my reading horizons. I’m reading everything I can get my hands on! Whether it’s literary criticism, classics, or contemporary, I have made several reading lists for myself. I’m recording my reviews of what I read, so you’ll be seeing a lot of book reviews being posted here on Tumblr and on my Goodreads account as well

My honey and I’s 2nd year anniversary is rapidly approaching on August 9th. Last weekend we had a date night and it was greatly needed. I can’t even remember the last time we went out and enjoyed ourselves. The night consisted of us going to dinner and then a trip to a wonderful store that sells used books, games, and movies. I purchased the books, the Idiot, the Metamorphosis, and some Phillip K. Dick novels. Here is a picture of us before our date for your viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately, this was taken with a crappy camera and I was sitting on his lap, so you can’t see us in our fly date night clothes. It was also before I got pretty. But I do have some photos of me after I got ready.

I’m sorry we didn’t take any pictures during the date, but we were having too much of a radical time to stop and take photos. I love hippie culture, so flower crowns are my new look. I’ve been getting great compliments. People think they go well with my curly hair. I’m going to order some in more colors. Oh, here’s a funny thing my baby said about it on our date.

“What a pair we make; a gothic looking guy and a hippie.”

Aside from all that, I finally found something that is helping clear my acne! I mixed together a green tea and apple cider vinegar toner and it is giving great results! I am still going see a dermatologist, tomorrow, because I do get body acne and I do not want to bathe in apple cider vinegar. Yuck!

My 2nd Naturebox also came in. Here are the snacks I received:

1.  Baked Peppery Potato Sticks: My least favorite out of the five, but not unenjoyable.

2. Lemon Tea Biscuits: Delicious mini lemon cookies! Great with tea and coffee.

3. Guacamole Bites: Guacamole flavored corn chips with a hint of lime, very tasty!

4. Teriyaki Twists: Teriyaki flavored rice crackers, very good!

5. Flax Crostini Bites: Oven-baked rice and oat bran crisps. These are delicious!

With eating more healthy and watching my portion sizes, I hope I can drop a bit of weight. I’ve been having some health issues lately, nothing too serious, a hormonal imbalance of sorts. But I have gained in the past year and that just may be the cause.

Well, that’s what’s been going on with me. I’ll probably have another book review up soon.

BYE, BYE, BYE!!!!!

So, Today I Had A Thought….(Orginially Posted July 3, 2013)



Today, I was on facebook and I like a certain page on there called Girls Guide To.  Basically, it’s a page with articles geared towards females. Anyway, today they posted up an article that was a guide to finding the best online dating site for you. It had descriptions of all the most popular sites like OkCupid, POF, Match.com, Chemistry, etc. If any of you read my previous posts, you would know that I actually met my current (and hopefully permanent) partner on OkCupid.

I chose online dating because I unfortunately didn’t have much luck in dating otherwise. I guess when guys are able to find out about the wheelchair up front in a profile, it’s easier because the ones who don’t care are the ones that message me. I think online dating does work. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

As I was reading the article, I realized just how strongly I have no desire to go back to my old profiles. I do pop into OkCupid from time to time to see if they posted our success story yet, but what I mean is I have no desire to look for anyone else. This is a big deal for me because in my previous relationships, when things got bad I knew in my heart that I would probably be happier with somebody else. I also knew my search for a soul mate wasn’t over yet, but I foolishly stayed in these relationships to try and make them work. To no avail, of course.

I can’t picture myself with any other man anymore and the thought of going back into the dating world makes me shudder. My mind, heart, and body are quite content. In fact, when thinking about my old dating profiles my brain responses with a “No thanks, I’m good.  In fact, let’s just marry him already.” One day, brain, one day….

I hope everyone’s brain can tell them this one day. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have someone you are so comfortable and happy with to love.