What Topics to Avoid on a First Date

My actual face when I saw another publication.

Iris Dating has graciously published another one of my pieces. If you have a first date with someone new coming up soon, this one may come in handy. Click here to find out what topics to avoid on a first date.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

A Quick Celebration of Success!

Yes, I freaked out when I saw it.


I’m so excited!

One of my pieces is out in the wild!

I wrote about my experiences with a successful online dating match and how I met the love of my life. I applied what I learned from our meeting to give tips to others who are giving online dating a try. Check it out!


My successes in specific niches are driving me to make significant changes with Miranda the Freelancer. I’ll write a more in-depth post about it and keep you guys in the loop!

I Got to Take Saturday Off!

A day off is a rarity for me now.

Hello, my friends! As usual, I will update you on my freelance writing journey before we start the actual topic. The only thing new I have to report is another regular client. I got picked to be a staff writer for Popstar Marketing. They are a very sex-positive company, and my first assignment was about Long Covid and its effects on sexual health. I turned in the draft today. Let me tell you, that was a depressing topic.

Luckily, the rest of this post won’t be, except for maybe one part.

We Need to Cheer Him Up

I should have done this to cheer him up.

What led to my fun-filled Saturday was two things.

  1. My honey failed his most recent test for Electrician school, and he needed some serious cheering up.
  2. My sister-in-law texted me because she wanted us to hang out in our big friend group.

The hubs and I have a large friend group that we used to hang out with almost every Saturday. Life, work, and just being too tired have gotten in the way of that. Needless to say, I thought a friend-session Saturday would be perfect for chasing away his post-test blues.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Day!

We did not do this!

On the day of, Hubby decided that he wanted to buy a new DnD book for a new campaign he was planning. I never turn down an opportunity to look at books. We got the group to meet us there, and we headed to Barnes and Noble. Hubby got his book, and I bought this:

I forget how this graphic novel popped onto my radar, but it just seems like the perfect read for Spooky Season. If I ever get there, I have had zero time to read with my work schedule, and I’ve been on Alias Grace forever. Oh, well, we’ll see.

Everybody but us had already eaten lunch, and we were starving. We broke away from the group and had a lovely Gyros and Chicken Shwarma meal at a nearby Greek cafe. While we were there, I hit the Lebanese tea hard. I love that stuff. We also toyed with the idea of possibly going on vacation next year. With my business improving, it may be a possibility.

After packing the leftovers, we returned to sister-in-law’s for fun, cookies, and conversation. We ended up committing to going to the Renaissance Festival and a joint haircut session while we were there. Being able to unwind with our friends and family was a nice change of pace, and I’m sure Hubby had a good time!

What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

I Feel Like I Never Stop

This feels like me all the time lately.

Hello, my fellow Bloggers and Readers! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written. My Gram has since come back from her cruise. I was the first person she called when she touched land. I felt so special!

Besides that life update, my life has revolved around my work, so without further ado, let’s get to those updates!

The Landing Page Project was a Success!

My highest-paying project to date!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did get the landing page gig with the power washing company. The pages were completed earlier this week, and it was my most profitable job to date! I really enjoyed working with the company, and I hope I can write for them again in the future.

I’m also hoping I can nab other landing page jobs as well. I feel confident in my ability now. They ordered 5 pages at first, and once the first 5 were completed, they ordered 5 more! I can probably help other businesses with this too!

Leads, Leads, Leads

All day every day!

If some of you are familiar with the life of a freelance writer, you know that regular clients get you through the years. However, you may also take on jobs that are one-off projects. My deal with the power washing company was one such job. They may come back to me later if they need other things written, but our time together is now completed.

There comes a time when not many of my regular clients have work for me. This means that I have to go lead searching! I have different methods of lead searching and have gotten gigs from them! I conduct lead searches daily, and I think every freelance writer should do the same. Not only does lead searching provide you with fallbacks after those one-off projects, but it also helps you improve your cold messaging skills. I desperately needed that!

Don’t get me wrong, regular clients are great and absolutely vital, but I’m hoping to get more one-off projects. They are usually bigger, enable me to set my own price, and give me the experience of communicating with businesses. I learned a lot from the power washing gig.

Burnout is Real!

My face after a long day.

I have been lead searching every day for weeks now. All that looking and scrolling is quite exhausting. I’m also afraid that if I succeed in converting too many leads, I’ll have too much on my plate. That remains to be seen, but it could happen.

To keep organized I have made a client list spreadsheet. The sheet contains all the regular clients I have earned and the ones I enjoyed working one-offs with that I would like to keep in contact with. That group only contains the power washing company, but maybe it will grow. The list contains several sections such as:

  • Name of Company
  • Point of Contact
  • Email Address
  • Type of Work Conducted
  • Payment Method
  • If there is a balance owed
  • If they had a contract with me or not

In conclusion, I am very pleased with how things are turning out for Miranda the Freelancer. I even plan to learn more about topics that will help me become a better content and copywriter. I’m going to watch videos on SEO and keywords very soon.

If you are in need of a freelance writer, feel free to contact me at mirandathefreelancer@gmail.com or you can visit my website.

What have you guys been up to? Any big news or successes? Let me know in the comments below or just stop in to say hi!

Words from My Wise Grandmother

My grandmother is the typical grandma that feeds you and offers you sage advice.

Hello friends! I don’t really have any updates on my freelance writing journey today. Unless you want to know that I’m having professional business cards made by a graphic designer. Besides that, I’m always looking for new clients and projects. I’m also currently trying to get my invoices paid. Sometimes you have to chase the clients. Let’s get into today’s post!

I was Raised By My Grandmother and Father

My Gram always gives me hugs and kisses when I get to her house.

I know this is rare. My mom was always in and out of my life as I was growing up. Our relationship is strained today, unfortunately. However, I keep in touch with her regularly to ensure she’s okay.

My dad took me to ensure I would have a better life, and my Gram took us both in so we would have a place to live. You can probably guess that I am very close with my father and grandmother.

Gram was a powerful influence on who I am today. She taught me how to read early, and she created a monster. Once I could read, I read everything I could get my little hands on. When my love of reading transitioned into a passion for writing, she was and still is my biggest cheerleader.

I share everything with Gram, especially all the details about my freelance writing journey.

Gram Says Things That Stick With Me

“You’re better off than where you were. You’re right where you need to be.”


My Gram is currently on a cruise, and I worry since she turns 80 in January. I’m not ready for that! Of course, I still want her to have a great time on the cruise! Before she left, we talked on the phone about my freelance writing journey updates, and she said the above quote.

She was absolutely right. I’m still not making big bucks. But I am a lot better off than when I started in 2018. I had no regular clients then, and now I have 4! I have multiple pending projects in the works; if I keep on this path, I’m sure I will evolve!

Gram seems to always know the right thing to say. I know I can always count on her to give me a push when I need one.

Do you have any influential people in your life? Let me know in the comments below, or just pop in to tell me what’s happening in your life.

I Am Finally Able to Make This Post!

I’m happy, but I’m so tired!

I’ve been waiting to post this update until I got some news. Do you remember at the beginning of the last post where I said I was waiting on 2 ample opportunities? Well, I landed both of them! I’m so excited!

One of them will only be a semi-regular client (every two weeks), but he pays nicely, and the work isn’t hard. The second is a landing page deal with a power washing company. The power washing business can lead to other small businesses finding and commissioning me for my writing. If the company likes my work, the word might spread.

Besides these two new leads, I haven’t lost any of my regular clients, I pitched to a couple of more prominent companies I’m interested in working with, and I have a couple of people intrigued by my craft. That’s the life of a freelance writer. I have to put my “feelers” out everywhere.

I’m sorry if this post is short, but I’ve been writing all day and am exhausted.

Ah, the life of a freelance writer.

Are there any other freelance writers out there? How have you been doing? To all my followers, how have you been? Let me know in the comments!

We Finished the Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc!

Taken from Anime News Network

Just Some Updates Before We Get Into It

I’ve pretty much gotten into the habit of updating you all on my freelance writing journey before every post, so this will probably become a regular thing. Here are just some brief highlights.

  • The thing with Duncan didn’t work out. I don’t do much short-form writing and that’s what they needed. So, it’s okay.
  • I had my interview with Clutch today. I think it went okay. They are pretty much a recruiting agency for freelancers and they want to put me in the running for writing for Chewy. I will also be contacted if they think anything else is a good match for me, as well. It’s something.
  • I have 2 huge opportunities I’m waiting to hear about. Fingers crossed.

A Little Background

Why is Nezuko so cute?

WARNING: Slight spoilers ahead!

The hubs and I spent most of yesterday evening finishing up the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer, instead of going to see the box office smash that is the new Dragon Ball Super movie. Unfortunately, hubs is a little burned out on Dragon Ball in general.

But, finally! It only took us forever to finish the Entertainment District Arc because my babe has the worst show-jumping habit. I’m trying to get him to realize that we actually have to finish things. It’s a work in progress.

If you haven’t seen Demon Slayer, you must be living under a rock because it’s one of the hottest anime out right now. Ha, just kidding. Seriously, though it’s really good. You should check it out if you are into anime.

For those that are not in the know, I’ll try to give a general summary.

One day after Tanjiro Kamado returns home from the nearby village, he discovers that his whole family has been slaughtered by a demon. Everyone except for his younger sister, Nezuko, who is actually now transformed into a demon. Instead of taking her out for his own safety, Tanjiro believes that there is still humanity in her, and there is, as she prefers to protect him over devouring him. Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer in order to avenge his family, figure out how to turn Nezuko back, and kill the demon that started all of this. Of course, he meets a lot of interesting characters along the way, both allies and enemies.

My Thoughts on the Entertainment District Arc

Me while watching this damn arc.

Now, I’m not going to go into a full synopsis of this arc because we’ll be here all day. However, I do want to touch on some things that stood out to me.

Why does this show give me all the feels for the villains?

Taken from Polygon

Seriously, I was so upset when we get the backstory on this guy and his sister. The truth of the matter is that if someone in their village had actually cared about them, they might have not become demons. But, no. Abuse drove those two to become these blood-thirsty creatures. Ugh. The scene of them walking into hell together, it gutted me.

I nearly cried when Nezuko remembered the lullaby.

It’s okay, Nezuko. I’m with you.

There’s a scene where Nezuko gets an overpowered (more on that later) new ability. Her whole demeanor changes and she becomes cold and ruthless. Well, she gets a whiff of blood and Tanjiro is unable to control her. But, when he sings her the lullaby that their mother used to sing to her, she breaks down and cries, then immediately falls asleep.

I think this is self-explanatory as to why it teared me up.

I don’t care for Nezuko’s new powers.

Yes, I said it. I don’t care for Nezuko’s new badass powers where she grows boobs and a design over her skin. I kind of like the horn though. However, it’s not for the reasons you think. It’s not her design. It’s the convenience of it.

She gained these powers right when everything looked bleak and it looked like our heroes were going to die. I know they needed a way out of the jam. I don’t know. Maybe if we saw hints of these powers earlier? Or maybe I missed something? It just seemed too convenient for me, but then again a lot of things in the final battle seemed that way to me too.

We plan to rewatch season one of The Devil is a Part-Timer, so we can see season two. I may write about that at some point. I heard season two is pretty disappointing, though. I hope it’s at least decent.

Have you seen Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc? What did you think? Let’s talk in the comments.

I Still Have Reoccurring Dreams About Failing Classes

Some Brief Musings

Before I get into the blog post topic, I just wanted to say that I was absolutely overwhelmed by the support I received for my last post. I didn’t think so many people read or cared about my journey to a freelancing career. The comments, follows, and likes are especially special to me right now because I have been suffering from my depression disorder pretty hard for over 24 hours.

I had to force myself to get up, shower, brush my teeth, and type out this post. I read through my followed blogs before starting this and it helped a little. I don’t know why it’s happening. Nothing is going wrong. It just does hits me sometimes.

In fact, I got an offer yesterday that pays pretty well and could help stabilize me, if I land it. I still have an interview with Clutch tomorrow (they had to reschedule), I have my regular clients, and a potential resume + cover letter order. This week should prove to be busy and productive. I just hope my depression doesn’t screw it up.

An accurate interpretation of how I’ve been feeling

The Reoccurring Dreams

My partner thinks I sleep like this.

I don’t really want to call these nightmares because they are not particularly scary and I’ve had way worse nightmares. However, one of my biggest fears all through my academic life, and even up to now, was and is failure. Since I was born with a disability, my family was very adamant about my education. Just to clarify, I’m not blaming them for this fear. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my education. I just believe that putting so much pressure on me about it caused some consequences.

I dream about being back in school and failing courses A LOT. Sometimes I’m back in high school, sometimes it’s college. It varies. My most recent one was that I was back in American History during my sophomore year at my old Catholic high school. The funny thing is that I never failed this class. The only classes I ever failed were math courses. Numbers are my enemy.

Me in any math class

Sometimes, they get even weirder. During one of these dreams, I was actually kidnapped and after I was safely returned, the professor still failed me! I think being kidnapped is a pretty good excuse, don’t you?

I think the reason I still have these dreams, even though I’ve been out of school for years, is because now I’m afraid of failing with my business. Since academia will probably always be a big part of my life, I think this is how my mind chooses to manifest it. The mind is a strange thing.

My depression isn’t helping things right now either. I’m paranoid that I will mess something up with my business this week. I have a lot of good things coming my way, but it’s overwhelming. I know I shouldn’t think like this and I should keep positive. It’s just hard sometimes.

What about you? Have you had any reoccurring dreams? How do you deal with bouts of depression? Let’s talk in the comments.

Are Things Actually Happening?

This could be me very soon.

Hello everyone that reads this blog. I know it’s been a few days since I’ve properly blogged, but I have been a busy freelancer once again. I’m having a sense of Deja Vous, but just this past Monday, I was once again getting down on myself and telling my husband that I’ll never make it as a freelancer writer and we’ll never live more comfortably.

My hubby is actually training to be an electrician, so we might be more stable after he finishes his three remaining years of schooling. However, I don’t want to have to rely on my partner for money. I like having my own money and feeling like I’m doing something worth value. He gave me his standard response, “Don’t give up babe, you’ll make it.” He is nothing, if not supportive. I sighed and just gave myself up to my bed that night.

Then Tuesday Morning Came…

Don’t we all feel like this in the morning?

I woke up to quite a few emails in my inbox. One that really surprised me was a payment from my healthcare client. I just turned in my invoice for my latest work a couple of days ago and it took her much longer on my first payment. But, who cares? I needed the money after I did all that spending on my 10th-anniversary date. I did a little happy dance as a little more than $100 was going into my account.

I also had a request to write a 2-page statement of purpose, but I already knew that was coming. I made a mental note to reply to it later. Then I noticed an email with the subject line that said “NEW Copywriting Gig,” It was an offer to write pet product descriptions. I have a phone interview for it tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

Other Leads

Someone on LinkedIn recommended I talk to someone named Duncan who needed a writer. I connected with him and he agreed to my hourly rate. I’m just waiting for him to tell me more.

I didn’t get the other product description job I wanted, but the guy said my skills may be of use to him later, so he wanted to stay in touch.

I applied for a company called DennyWrites and they sent me a writer’s test. I turned it in earlier today.

Finally, a client I normally had monthly, seems to have made me a more regular part of the writing team.

Phew. I think that’s all of the current leads.

I Don’t Want to Get Too Excited

Me right now.

Even though I’m still not making a great amount on my business, I am able to get by. Could that all change soon if I land some of these clients? Yes. Am I scared? You betcha. Am I excited? Kinda. I don’t want to get my hopes up.

How has your week been going? Has anything exciting happened? Tell me all about it in the comments.

UPDATE: Just heard from DennyWrites, it’s a no. That is the one I wanted the least, but it still stings.

Anime Movie Review: If You Want an Anime Experience, See Inu-Oh!

Taken from Anime News Network

A Little Information Before We Start the Review

Hi, Everybody! I’m back from a little hiatus because my old laptop finally died on me. Luckily, I already had a new laptop being worked on for me and it is running great! Those of you that read my last post know that I recently celebrated my 10th year anniversary with my man. Last night, we went go see the new anime film, Inu-Oh.

Here’s me right before we left.
Here’s us being all in love and waiting for Inu-Oh to start. Not the best picture of me, but he’s always handsome.

The Story

So, I’m not going to go too much into spoiler territory, in case you want to see the film. But here’s what I will tell you. The movie takes place in 14th century Japan and is based on the novel Tales of the Heike: INU-OH┬áby Hideo Furukawa.

The story centers around Tomona (a blind biwa playing priest, man I didn’t know what a biwa was before seeing this and I’m not going to forget it) and Inu-Oh (a deformed young man who calls himself “the king of the dogs”). They strike up a friendship and start a musical troop together that greatly surpasses that of Inu-Oh’s despicable father, who is enraged by this.

The Music

Like I said in the title, if you want an anime experience, see this movie. The music is just as gorgeous as the visuals and you won’t be getting the songs out of your head anytime soon. I’m still humming “The Burial Mound of Arms.”

The movie is described as a “rock opera” and my metal head hubby will agree. He was bopping his head all through the songs. However, before we even get to the part when Inu-Oh’s troop is formed, we are treated to a lot of traditional Japanese music. These songs are soothing and a feast for the ears. However, the rock songs are the real stars of the show.

The soundtrack is available on Spotify and I would highly recommend checking it out.

The Visuals

Most anime fans think that Japan is light years ahead of America when it comes to animation, so I’m probably biased. I don’t care. This film is GORGEOUS.

Just go watch the trailer. Right now. I’ll wait.

Final Thoughts

This amazing film truly made our 10th anniversary special and we’ve been blasting the soundtrack ever since. I would recommend Inu-Oh to any Japanophile, anime fan, or rock music lover.

Additional Musings

Of course, after the movie, we had to go to the ramen shop next door.

And then I spent way too much money in the bookstore.

But I needed Lore Olympus Volume 2 and the Aggretsuko (I love that anime!) game was on sale for $10! I also bought hubby a game for $7. Even though I spent all my current cash, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Have you seen Inu-Oh? What did you think? Do you know of any other anime movies we should see? Let me know in the comments.